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All our points of reference have or are changing. Experience is still a good instructor so where do we go from here?

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It's fashionable and convenient to ask what our Government is doing about the energy shortages and high energy prices of today. Unfortunately I was in the Heating and Air Conditioning business in the 70's and know exactly how we got here and what the reality of the situation is that we find our selves in now. That knowledge does not allow me to convey to you a plan that resolves of our current energy problems in the near term.

There is no magic bullet for the ills that trouble us. America has long pursued a national policy of cheap, low cost energy, to help mitigate economic ills caused by a bloated governmental bureaucracy and unaffordable political programs filled with excess and waste. To date in 2007 the united states consumes 20,700,000 bbls of oil a day while China is the second largest user weighs in at 6,500,000 bbls. a day. Our country and has steered a different course of national energy policies than those of Europe and the rest of the industrialized world.
We have had policies and laws in place that would have made electric cars and alterative fuels a stable and viable part of our energy infrastructure but because of special interests and lack of consistent national energy policy over the years since the 70's those laws have been repealed even before scheduled implementation dates and allowed to languish and die unmourned deaths.

We truly believe that 30 to 40 % of that figure is wasted by inefficient and ineffective systems and infrastructure. If this figure is close to accurate then we can save up to 5 million barrels of oil today. Unfortunately, conserving resources at this point will only temporarily postpone the inevitable, which is total energy resource exhaustion. Unless the lifestyles, and transportation habits, of the ever-increasing population that demand more, and more resources are dramatically changed, or new energy sources are discovered, conserving won't save us.

W e must focus our efforts on an unbiased national energy policy and it must be done now.

How 'More than Heat' Can Help you

We can help you maximize the operating efficiency of your next construction project. Our people are specialists who have been at the cutting edge of energy saving technologies for well over three decades. Yaun Company regularly advises architects, mechanical contractors, engineers and home owners regarding correct choices and applications for radiant floor heat, high velocity HVAC systems, geothermal heat pumps, solar heating, photo voltaic, air to air heat pumps, controls, etc. We are capable of evaluating alternate fuel costs on all types of mechanical systems. If you are currently planning a new home and want to develop a wise energy strategy contact us.

Our Purpose:

The purpose of the site is to present viable and cost effective energy alternative solutions that should be considered in any decision about heating and conservation methods. We must use our energy resources wisely and to that end we present this Website to Service and Educate the consumer and to lead you to knowledgeable and educated contractors who are dedicated to provide you with energy correct solutions for you and your family.

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