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To help you develop your Mechanical requirements for your next project, be it Solar, Geothermal, Photo Votaics, Air to Air Heat Pumps, Solar, Radiant Heat or Chilled Water Systems we have the specialists that you need to contact to discuss your needs and guide you to the correct solution for your situation.
We are not new to this business having been thru the energy shortages of the 1970's and have been active in cutting edge mechanical and elecrical technologies since then. We would like to discuss your project and are capable of evaluating usages, costs, and efficiencies both real and claimed and of all types of Mechanical Systems. We consult with architects and engineers on Radiant Heating Systems, Controls and High Velocity Air/Air Heating and Cooling Systems.
We will help you develop a stragegy for implementatation and do not install systems. Our forte is design and application and work for you in disigning the system you want and need rather than one someone want to sell you. then click the 'Submit Now' button:

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    Attn: Thomas Zweck
  • Phone: 845-256-6400 ext.
  • Fax: 845-256-0400

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